Our Why

Have you ever found yourself feeling like there has to be more to your life than where you are currently. Like God has to have a higher purpose for your life?

Well that mindset gave birth to Manny’s Mom Fitness. As I pursued my career in Human Resources I found myself making the most money I have ever made in my entire career and yet I was not fulfilled.

With several weeks of prayer and fasting I decided to stop living in fear of failure and pursue my dream of helping others. That dream of being the person I needed when I felt I could not do the impossible.

So here we are helping individuals like yourself change for the better mentally, physically, and spiritually. When you purchase one of our plans its more than just a lifestyle change its a journey. A journey to wellness, and the best part is you will not be doing the journey alone. We will encourage, uplift, edify and pour into you every chance we get, because we know wellness is more than how you look physically, but also where you are mentally.

This will be your safe space to get you through this marathon, it’s a judgement free zone that will strive to inspire you every step of the way.